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soy blends...any recommendations?

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I've only ever used CB-135 and recently I ran out and need to buy more wax. I've been thinking about trying out a soy/paraffin blend but I'm not sure what brands are available.

Been thinking about 6006 but not crazy about the fact that it has way more paraffin than soy but I'm willing to try it. I use HTP wicks if that makes a difference.....

Anyone have any recommendations for me to check out? I make container candles (wicked and wickless and tarts for my own use).

Oh and I have checked out the sticky at the top but that didn't really help! Thanks!!

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I like NatureWax C3. It's not that it's without idiosyncrasies, but I have worked with it for a long time and am generally satisfied with its performance. It takes a lot of time to *learn* a wax and find the right combination of container, wick, FOs, dyes & additives that work for one's candles. Once you do get things working together, it's difficult to switch. There is no *perfect* nor magic wax that works in every situation for everyone, so, like many other folks, I tend to stick with the devil I know. ;)

Having said that, what "issues" are you having with the CB135 that make you want to switch? It would be easier to make recommendations if we understood what is giving you fits...

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My best advice is to make your own blend! I have found out the hard way in the past, I find a great supplier blend and then they don't carry it anymore then you have to start over.

If you are happy with your soy why don't you just try and mix it with a paraffin of your choice, that way you can control how much of each goes into the mix...HTH :smiley2:

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I don't really have any issues with the CB-135, I like it just fine. I'm just wanting to check out another kind of wax to see if I might like something better....you know, see if the grass might be a little greener :wink2:

Since I've never worked with paraffin, I'm not sure what I'd be getting myself into so I figured I'd try a blend. I like the soy because it's easy to clean up and natural and I've heard that paraffin throws better so I'm interested to see if a different wax (blend) would give any better throw with some of the same benefits of the 100% soy.

Whatever I buy, I'll be buying CB-135 with it, just because it's my old trusty!

I've done some reading on the 6006 and it looks like I might not need to change my wicking all that much (I have all sizes of HTP's to test). I use regular 8oz jelly jars with an HTP-73 wick(after testing of course!) and it's worked for me well so far. The 6006 I've read is also easy to cut, like butter....which is a plus since I'm spoiled with the easy wax chips. I could always add the CB-135.

I think maybe my mind is made up LOL Just wondering if there are any other waxes that I might be able to look into before I buy. I'll check out the C-3! I do this for fun, so I don't mind trying out a new wax :)

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I ended up making my own parasoy blend using the CB135 and J223 waxes. If you want more soy a good blend is 75/25 or 70/30. It makes a nice creamy blend without the wet spots of parrafin or rough tops soy may produce. I really like these two blended together as they were both my fav soy and parrafin waxes.

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