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adjustable dress


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I've been working for weeks on a pattern for an adjustable cotton summer dress and I think I finally have it perfected! Its based off the American Apparel "Le Sac" Dress, but its a tad longer (cuz you know, your a$$ hanging out in the summer breeze isnt so nice...) and its cotton which is a bit more forgiving than the jersey, KWIM?

They claim to be one size fits all but they really arent. I would make two sizes, and maybe two lengths.

My question, before I get ahead of myself and start planning away on a dress is...

How many of you would be interested in a summer dres (knee length) in a few fun cotton prints and cotton solids... that you would be able to wear 12 different ways?

And in the winter, you can layer a t shirt (or even a long sleeve t shirt underneath it) and boots/leggings/tights... all kinds of things.

I'll post some pics in a few weeks, I am super busy getting ready for a show at the end of the month, but I am going to take the time to try it on all 12 ways and post pics to get even more reviews... just basically look at the american apparel version and imagine it in cotton, and a bit longer (dusting the knees.. instead of showing some arse. lol)

If you look at the link.. there are videos of a model trying it on a bunch of different ways.. its just too cool. so.. I'm hoping maybe in cotton, and altered in a few key ways, it will appeal to more people than size 0 models who can pull off stretch jersey, lol

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I think this is a super cute idea! I might want mine a little shorter than the knees, but def. not with my butt hanging out. Maybe mid-thigh length or so. I would be interested in seeing the diff. ways you can wear it. I think that if this was a reasonable price, people would definitely be interested in it!

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Thanks I like the feedback that you might want it shorter! I would like to be able to offer it up in two lengths. The one at AA is so short when worn in certain ways that I'm like.. wait.. thts a shirt!! lol.

My goal is to keep them $35 and less, but it will depend on the price I can get on fabric.. I'm already plotting a special line made with imported Kawaii japanese linens :)

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Sounds very interesting.

I have a couple of skirts made from vintage sari's which are reversable (double layers) and they are bastically a wrap around style.

I forget what they are called but you can actually turn this skirt into a dress and into all kinds of styles as a dress. Pretty cool really although I've always just worn them as skirts.

The vintage sari fabrics are really light and cool for summer and I think are pretty flattering as far as hiding any curves that might be a tad too curvy :)

They appeal to me anyway because I'm right into anything bohemian in style.

Good luck with your dress!

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