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Question about wick size

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I am not even sure how to search the thread for this using the searach feature so forgive me if this has been asked and answered.

I am currently testing 4 different sized containers. All my variables are the same except for the containers and the wicks. I am using 6006 with added soy. Using olive blossom fragrance all poured out of the same batch. I am really liking the cd wicks that I have been playing around with. All the containers I poured have cd wicks in them but I am playing around with different wick sizes.

My question is this. I seem to have very minimal mushrooming if any on all the containers/fragrances I have wicked to test. On three out of the 4 containers of the olive blossom batch they are all burning well with minimal mushrooming. On one of the containers (a 11 oz tureen) I double wicked it as it has a 3 1/4 diameter. One of the wicks looks normal and one has a pretty decent sized mushroom.

I did the first three hour test burn on these and I can tell that the 11 oz tureen is over wicked. Large melt pool. The part that I am confused about is the mushroom. I know some fragrances mushroom more than others-like vanillas. I was thinking for some reason that when your container is underwicked you tend to get more of a mushroom. However this container is getting pretty hot with lots of melt after 3 hours.

I tested the 20 oz tureen (3 3/4 diameter) and the 11 oz tureen (3 1/4 diamter) side by side. I double wicked the 20 oz with 2 cd 8's. I double wicked the 11 oz with 2 cd 7's. The 20 oz seems to be doing well so far. Good melt pool. Not complete yet but I think it's going to catch up and do what it's supposed to do.

The 11 oz however is burning a little too hot. Is it normal in a double wicked application for one wick to mushroom a lot and the other not? It wasn't drafty in the area I was testing.

I know this is why we test each fragrance but I wicked the 11 oz with 2 cd 8's for an orange vanilla last week and it seemed to do well. No mushrooms and not too hot.

The 11 oz with 2 cd 7's

Here's a picture if I can do this right!IMG_8673.jpg

Here's the 20 oz with 2 cd 8's:

This may end up being too hot once I get down to the bottom part of the jar but thinking I'll need it for the fatter middle.


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A lot of thing cause mushroom to much FO, candle being over wick not under wicked. Air flow, diameter on the jar. Double wicking is more pron to mushrooming in my opinion. Your wick may be to close together and so one flame is using up more oxygen so is burning hotter.

The first thing I would try is moving the wick a hair further apart and see if that help if that doesn't help try moving them closer together. Also make sure you wicks are faced the same direction. CD are a flat wick so make sure the flat sides are facing each other.

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Vicky- thank you for responding. I am new to using cd's so the tip about making sure the flat part faces each other is a great one! I vaguely remember reading something about that but didn't remember what to do.

I am going to pour some candles in just a bit and I plan to use some smaller wicks to see what happens and will implement some of your suggestions. Thanks again!

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