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Ocean / sea FOs that work for perfume?


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Some of the ocean type scents are just too ... much ocean for body wear. Maybe too salty, or too rugged smelling, or something. They seem great for candles and room scent but not for me scent!

I was wondering if any of you had thought that and knew the sort of softer ones that would be attractive smelling as perfume. I'm trying to find or blend something that is not purely ocean, but definitely has a sea breeze to it, but maybe some light florals or other elements too. But I'm not a huge floral fan so don't want that to be overpowering to the sea part of the scent. Maybe a softer aquatic would be a good way of describing it?

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Celestial Sea from MW:

This bold and brisk water fragrance opens with a salty, ozonic sea spray but what develops is an ocean musk built from sea moss, driftwood and sand. Hidden but slightly evident are crisp notes of soft violet, jasmine and lily rose that give the otherwise stout fragrance a delicate clean character.

A first choice for salt bars & beach house candles. Most assuredly a unisex offering - a perfect choice for a "salty, sea spray" scent, with no obvious floral notes.

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I love Ocean Breeze, CS... its a favorite among my ocean loving family and friends, and a best seller in the gift shop on the beach I'm in.. in scrubs, lotions, and perfumes. Its great in candles too.

that's good to know, it will be on my next order.

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