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Renaming Kai type - Elements


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I'm looking to rename the Kai type that I picked up from Elements. At the moment I have it colored almost a baby blue. If that seems wrong for the scent please say so too!

I'm bad with names but my BF's sister came up with these that I like:

Angel's Touch

Tropical Angel

Angel's Breeze

I had come up with Blossoming Tropics and Spa Delight.

My BF thinks something with the word Spring in it, like Spring Morning. I think the scent is too perfumey for the word Spring though.

Do any of these work or does anyone have a better idea?



ETA: I should have looked first...I found Angel Touch to be a VS scent. So will disregard that one! :)

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Did they take the spearmint out? Was thinking there was some of that in there.

I'd pick a spa-ish retreat and name it after that ... seriously. I love the smell of this and find it to be very fresh and uplifting, almost like a secret hideaway. Can't quite call it secret garden.

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