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Milled Soap Recipes


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I got bit by the spring bug and made 10 pounds of soap last night for milled soap... I really dont know why. Now I'm looking at it thinking... hmm. Some new recipes/blends would be nice. lol.

Here are some I do pretty regularly:

Tea tree Oil and Lavender EO (acne bar)

Swirl in French Green Clay (for oily skin)

Aloe Vera + Vitamin E bar

Goats Milk Soap

Carrot Seed Oil + Kaolin Clay Bar

Black Tea + Calendula Bar

Honey and Oatmeal

Ground Mint Soap

Organic Lavender (from my garden! woot) Soap

Lavender Anise Soap

...anyone have any other milled soap recipes they love? I'm considering trying a tomato bar this year, but I've never done it before. Kinda dont know where to start.

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Tried a few new ones last night...

Orange Peoke Tea - a touch of orange EO and fresh crushed Orange Peoke Tea mixed in

Lemon Poppyseed - poppyseeds and lemon EO

both smell so good! I forgot how much fun milled soap can be.. the instant gratification of knowing the color and scent turned out as you wanted is so nice. Sill need to cure but.. ahh thats the life of soap isnt it.

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