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You Tube and Blogger freebie fishers


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Is it just me or is this the wave of the future for people to get something for nothing?

I must get 10 emails a week from random people on you tube and bloggers asking for free stuff in exchange for a review. I send a blanket, "thanks for your interest and no thank you" email back or delete it depending on my mood.

Is anyone else getting these and how are you handling it?

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I don't think it's particular to now...I used to get emails like that about 8 years ago all the times. There are alot of unscrupulous people(candle sites) out there willing to trade freebies for reviews, thinking it will sucker people into buying their product over someone else's. The only reason they scour the internet using whatever the "hippest" vehicle looking for whatever they can get is because it's worked in the past. (Don't know if they're still on the internet, but there used to be "freebie" forums where candlemakers used to advertise freebies for favors.) Gets worse in a bad economy. Just another sad sign of the times...:sad2: :tiptoe:

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The end of the email said something to the effect of "look forward to hearing back from you as customer service is always a part of my review"

Am I obligated to respond and acknowledge the solicitation for freebies or I have poor customer service which will be duly noted on you tube?:cheesy2:

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It just received one with the same customer threatening so I emailed back sure I will send you some tarts to test and review. I also asked if she had a warmer for oils or tarts. She said oil whats the difference. I said a big difference and then she wanted me to send her an electric warmer also. So then she gives me her addy its in Canada so on top of the 10-15 tarts she wanted then a warmer and now shipping to Canada.

I wrote her back telling her to email me once she gets a tart warmer I would be sure to send them to her to review and have heard nothing thus far back

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I did look at her reviews for companies. I watched a few of her videos.

A reply was sent because I was planning on sending her a few tarts but when I saw she had quite a list plus what I wanted to send she said lol . Thats when I thought hmm something not right here,

Below is a copy of what I received on my contact form

Comments: Hi I have Youtube channel and what I do, is review products.

And some people have asked me about your products and asked me to do a

review for you.I was wondering if you could send me some product so i

could do a review and if possible some extra for a give away I look

forward to hearing back from you.

anything you would like me to do a review on please feel free to include.

I do my review 1-2 weeks after receiving the products. This could really

boost your sales once people see real review by real people they know and

trust, they will go buy the product. I look forward to hearing back from

you as customer service is always a part of my review.

In return I will make a video and post it were 1000's can see and I will

advertise your company website and products!!


that is the link for my channel where you can find all my reviews :) and i

make the promise that if you choose to

send me product and allow me to do a review i will make sure your name

gets out

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