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CS FOs for CP Soap


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Has anyone CPed any of the following Candle Science scents:


Caramelized Pralines


coconut lime

Coconut Lime Verbena

Cotton Blossom

honeysuckle jasmine


Pear Glace

Strawberry Shortcake

Smoke and Odor Eliminator

Sweet Pea

Spiced Wassail

I'm trying to narrow down my list:embarasse

I know some are new and most likely haven't been soaped, so that's cool too.

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-turns yellow then very very dark brown, scent is fantastic. 1ozpp of oils is more than enough, best seller!


Their coffee is good, soaps well. turns a brown, but I added some buttercream so it is darkened because of that


Plumeria and Gardenia both smell well, but speed up trace and heat up the soap.

Both Ocean Breeze and Clean Cotton soap well too.

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Haven't soaped their sweet pea, but did their sweet pea and vanilla. I tried to stop the browning by adding tit diox. and it still turned dark. No problems soaping and it smells very nice! Their sweet pea is next on my list though. Will have to post my results then.

Btw, off note--Kristin, your buttercream soaps are cute! :) Remind me of brownies.

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