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Beginner Question Re: Wick Goo Stuff

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Ok, dumb question for the day:

You know the gooey, gummy, stuff you use on pillar to keep the wax from leaking?? How do you keep it from sticking all over your wick once you remove it from the mold??? And my next dumb question is - where do you find this? I'm using some grey stuff I got from Michaels.....

Thanks in advance,


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Its called mold sealer. You can get it at most candle supply stores.

Not sure why its sticking to your wick as it doesn't tend to do that. Are you putting the mold sealer on the outside of the mold over the little hole? And are you using either a metal mold screw or rubber mold plug to push into the hole to hold the wick in place before you apply your mold sealer? I am assuming you are not using a mold length wick pin inside the mold as you would wick the candle after it was cooled and demolded.

If you still have a little sealer on the wick you can just trim the wick.

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I have seen that stuff kind of get gummed onto the wick or jammed around the base a little. I've tried upscale commercial pillars and noticed bits of mold sealer in the melt pool. It doesn't seem to do any harm and I guess residue us just a hazard of using the stuff. Personally though, I haven't used mold sealer for a long time. I prefer a piece of aluminum tape to seal the mold--or sometimes two, depending on the mold and the pour temp.

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yeah...had a problem with that grey goo too. I bought aluminum tape (at the hardware store) and I don't use a screw either. If I use a wick pin...I use some wick stick ums that sucked for wicking jars lol...and cover my hole with that and push the wick pin up thru, then use 2 pieces of aluminum tape to hold the pin straight. For regular wicking...I pull my wick thru...take 2 stick ums and cover the wick and the hole...then add alum tape. Just make sure your aluminum tape is pressed down really well so it doesn't leak.

It's kinda hard to explain. Might be a good tutorial. I'm going to try to pour a few pillars today...perhaps I'll take pics :)

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