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Insect Repellant Lotion Bar Recipe - ISO


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I though citronella oil is not good to come in contact with??

I think its like any other oil, some people are irriated by it, and its not for kids under the age of 3-

I found this:

The US Environmental Protection Agency states that citronella oil has little or no toxicity when used as a topical insect repellent, with no reports of adverse effects of concern over a 60 year period.[citation needed] Because some products are applied to human skin, EPA requires proper precautionary labeling to help assure safe use. If used according to label instructions in the US, citronella is not expected to pose health risks to people, including children and other sensitive populations.[2] The US Food & Drug Administration consider citronella oil as generally recognized as safe (GRAS).

Canadian regulatory concerns with citronella as an insect repellent are primarily based on data-gaps in toxicology, not on incidents.[16] [17] In Europe, Ceylon type citronella oil is placed on the category 3 list, with some safety concern regarding methyl eugenol.[7]

I have used it since I was a kid though, Just cut with some oil or my mom would put it in our sunscreen- never bothered any of us :)

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Last summer my husband and I showered with a bar of soap that had tea tree oil in it, while my daughter and her friend did not. We went up to the lake cottage that evening and my daughter and her friend got mosquito bites all over, while my husband and I didn't get a single one! I ended up making some lotion with a bit of tea tree oil, so we can put it on more conveniently than taking a shower!

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Michelle- No more than 6%, but I'd start lower and see what it feels like the next day, it can be overwhelming to some. I use it 100% uncut on my face when I have a breakout (just on that spot).

I ordered some of CS's new citronella today, I'll let everyone know how it goes in the soy, and I'll test it in my lotion bar too, we're going camping in April and it would be nice to have something in a lotion bar form to use on the kids.

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Thanks Kristin. I have some lotion base from BCN that I will try it with. I have a severe allergic reation to mosquito bites and sadly, my kids inherited it as well. When we get bit, it swells horribly. We have to carry an epi pen just in case and luckily have never had to use it. But with the girls having asthma, I take precautions and hate it when I have to tell them to come in because the bugs are coming out and I hate using OFF on them everyday. :(

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Basic recipe would be

1.5 parts Beeswax

1 part hard butter (cocoa)

1 part softer butters (shea, mango..)

2oz oils (Jojoba, coconut fractions, sweet almond, grapeseed, apricot kernel, emu, whatever! mix and match)

You can add 1/4 tsp vitamin E, too, for longer shelf life. Its not a preservative of course... but it is an antioxidant. So it helps

I just adjust the oils and butters for whatever I need the bar to do.. so like in the summer I use 1.5 cocoa and only 1 of shea, in the winter I reverse that.

For lip balm I use the same basic recipe, but I adjust the oils up to 2.5oz and use some different oils than I might for solid lotion.

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