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Can you order sample packs or sample sizes from KY?

aviator girl

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You can't go wrong with Vickey's Oils. You can ask on her message board or just ask Vickey what are her top selling oils?

These are some of my favorites Apple Jack & Peel, Homemade Apple Pie, Birthday Cake, Coconut Creme Pie, Creme Brulee, Mandarin Spice, Orange Chiffon Cake, Grandma's Cupboard, Summer Breeze and Strawberry Rhubarb.

Barbara AL

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i seem to remember...that if you buy over so many..then you get them for less...???:confused: i think...need to check..

edited to add...

i did go check..i think i have another supplier mixed up with them..

but i would like to know too...i have never ordered from them..

and have heard they have alot of fo's that do good in 415 soy..

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Some oils that I have great success in soy with is:

Caramel Pecan Pie

Can you say Yummy

Hot Cocoa

OMG-Creamy hot chocolate with whpped cream on top!

santa cool Plumberry Spice santa cool

One of my biggest sellers during Christmas Holiday.

Holiday greens, berries with hints of spice in it!!

Zucchinni Bread

Don't let the name fool you - It has an amazing warm bread aroma

NO yeast smell like I have found with other bread FO.


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I have been using Vicky's oils and Ky125 soy wax for 2 1/2 years now.

Three of her oils are my top sellers:

Apple Clove Butter


Sage & Sweetgrass

Other good ones are:

Cucumber and Cantaloupe

Fresh Lilac

Grandmother's Toddy

Ocean Mist


Christmas Past

Fresh Peach

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Forgot to Mention Christmas Past
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As I recall...Vickey only sells the 2 oz. sizes for testing. I believe she told "us" that the reason is because it gives you more to test with if you want to test in jars, votives and tarts. I was one of Vickey's first customers way back and she never offered 1 oz. samples.

Her Apple Pie has been by best seller ever since she started her supply business. I really love the Sugar Corn Pudding...smells like a real creamy vanilla custard, Country Gift Shop...but it can be a bugger to wick. Others mentioned her that sell well for me are Apple Jack 'n Peel, Plumberry Spice and Orange Chiffon Cake.

You won't be sorry if you order.


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We use her Blackberry Sage, Cleopatra, and Fresh Peach (the BEST peach anywhere - very realistic and not fake)

Her Orange Chiffon Cake is FABULOUS! I just had to drop it from our line because we can't seem to sell many bakery fragrances (we cater to mostly hippies, I think) lol

I promise you won't be disappointed with her oils....I've never even bothered with a sample as they're all that good.

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Boy you guys sure know how to make it hard!:P I think you added to my list instead of narrowing it down! It's always good to hear feedback on what you like and does well though. I use 6006 and add a little extra soy now thanks to a fabulous tip I learned on this board.

Here is most of my list to try:

birthday cake

mediterranean fig (although I just ordered a sample of this from Elements) orange chiffon

coconut cream pie

lavender vanilla

plumberry spice

mandarin spice

sugar cookie

hot apple pie

country gift shop

cinnamon vanilla

monkey mouth

sugar corn pudding

snuggle baby

southern vanilla

I haven't even heard of mandarin coconut, purple cow and cleopatra so I must look those up now too!

Sage and sweetgrass sounds interesting and so does the zucchinni bread.

See why I was hoping there was a sample pack!:rolleyes2

Okay I seriously want to try so many of these so I think I'll narrow it down based on the feedback here.

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I know this is an old thread but I have to jump in and add my experience with KY. Wow, what great fos and what great cs. My order was in before I could turn around. I got a pound of apple Jack Peel and Creme Brulee, as well as some other great scents. Could you make a decent Ambrosia with a little coconut cream pie, pineapple supreme, orange chiffon cake and maybe some cherry bliss? Dose the Lemon Pound Cake keep that lemon pledge smell or does it calm down in wax? Talk amongst yourselves.


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