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Wet and not (soaps)


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Green Tea & Ginger. Lovin' the scent. Green, fresh and a little energetic. Soaped like a dream, but unfortunately my moss green oxide is going to spot. Can't wait to cut though.


A remake of what we call Me, Tarzan. Lovin' how green the moss green gets. Just need to find way to keep black from sinkin' ha.


Night Blooming Jasmine. I think I finally found the way I'd like to do this soap now. Before it was pink and gold in a white base and once upon a time, pink with gold in there. Background is wet. Inset is cuts. Pix below it is just cuts.



And wet stonewashed denim. Need to cut the logs, but noting the colors as blueberry pop (light blue) and a midnight blue that actually appears more gray. There's a third blue in there, but I can't recall the name.







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Thanks. The Stonewashed denim looks pretty cool inside. Not the coolest it has ever looked, but I'm satisfied with it. Cuttin' the green tea and ginger tomorrow I think. The green definitely spotted, but hey, that could be tea leaves lol.

Just put one to bed that I think is going to fade and time to get busy on more.

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