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Crafters who do bead necklaces...


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Really...this applies to bracelets, rings, etc. too. I purchased a couple of semi expensive jewelry items from QVC that were made with the elastic cord, no clasps. Within two months time they broke. I sent them back after talking with the customer service rep there. Seems I'm not the only one....I live in an area of the country with really low humidity, and they've had to take back alot of items from similar areas. The elastic dries out and breaks. I never thought when I purchased them that the same thing happens with rubber bands here. I never buy a big bag because they all break with a short time. I don't know if it would eventually happen if there was a clasp or not, but thought you might want to know that there can be a problem.

If you sell in these areas, you may want to look into a similar alternative to retain customers. :tiptoe:

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Sharon, I don't do beading and since everyone breaks, it's not worth the bother. I live in the southwest. The humidity in my state and those around me ranges from 5-20% all year long. I'm originally from upstate NY and it is so different here. People laugh when you tell them how dry it is here.

When we first moved out here, you could almost get electrocuted crossing the carpet and touching a switchplate or frig or something like that. We got a LARGE floor model humidifier that had to be filled twice a day! In upstate NY, it lasted for 5 days! I seldom use the dryer anymore...you can hang a load of wash outside and it's bone dry in 45 minutes!!! My SIL was out here 2 years ago for the summer in the state next to mine and all she did was complain about how dry her arms, feet, hands, etc. were and how much lotion she was going thru.

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