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18 Hostess Gifts for my nephews wedding shower


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I love making these types of gifts! I love gift baskets! They are sooo much fun! Allows you to use so much creativity.

One of the showers they are having has 20 hostesses (me and my BIL are two of them - so we won't be getting one of these).

The bride wanted Pink Sugar so I found these crates I've have for a while, added olive green crinkle shred, candle and lotion (love these lotion bottles and pumps - they were overstock at WSP and they don't have anymore! boo hoo!). I will also be shrink wrapping them once it gets here.

Anyway, I suggested nephew make a brand and I used in on both sides of the crate. N for Nelson, backwards B for Bradley and R for Regina.

Thanks for looking!





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Ok Peanut!

I've had it with you and all these nice pictures you post, if you can't ever post some pictures that don't always look so awesome....KIDDING!!!! I better make sure I put that, got myself in trouble last time, didn't I Carrie! Heheheh Your baskets are so beautiful, you have more talent in little toe that I could ever even hope to have!! You the bomb baby! I love you, Honeygirl...



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Very Nice -- I've been looking for crates like these anyone know where I can find these or simular ones that will fit 8 oz mason Jars -- there used to be a company called Sugar Creek Crates... but last time I tried to order from them they never replied back ?


This is where I got them.


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