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Oh boy...is there a full moon?


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My number one seller is gel floating candles. I got an email yesterday from a customer all the way across the country that received a shipment a month ago today. A couple of the candles had pieces broken off. She is in Connecticut, and received the shipment during the blizzard...guess the box was bashed in. It must have been handled REALLY rough because one of the tests each design goes thru is I throw one as hard as I can against a tile wall and let it bounce and roll where it will. If it doesn't hold up, I don't proceed with the design.

Anyway...she wanted to know if I knew of a heat resistant glue she could use to reattach the pieces.:shocked2::shocked2::shocked2: She will be using the candles in her wedding table centerpieces. Obviously, she received a long and detailed email from me.

With all the education that candlemakers give out, and just common sense about fire, I can't believe there are people out there that don't have a clue.:(

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