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Still struggling...

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I still have yet to make a candle with HT. Tarts are great, not the containers. I have the perfect containers and wicks. The FO's I am using are great in the tarts but my containers are terrible. I am using c-3 and echanted lites wax blend. Any suggestions for the waxes? What temps that I should heat to and pour? I have USA but I have not added it yet to the c-3. I have all these candles that I would love to be burning to smell them but I'm burning to get my containers back. Suggestions would be great if anyone has them. *dead horse*

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Since you have the proof that wax/FO combo is throwing you need to work on the wicks.

How can you say you have the perfect wick it's a mistery to me.

The difference between tarts and wicked candles IS the wick. The wick is the part of the candle that melts the wax and doing so releases the fragrance.

You can't stay with a wick just because someone is using the same. If it doesn't throw, choose another one and test.

Also too much fragrance or too much dye can have unpredictable result, and prevent a candle from throwing.

Do a search on here, and you may find a lot of useful info.

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I just thought it was perfect because of the burn pool and the way the candle was melting... etc

I guess I just don't understand why the wick effects the throw so much. I have tried two different wicks and still nothing. 44-18-32c and wholesale supplies plus soy wick 3...

Should I have started with a more forgiving wax? Paraffin or palm maybe? I have no idea, I'm not even sure if those waxes are forgiving. Just looking for suggestions.

Any wicks you may suggest? I'm using 8 oz jelly jars and c-3

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Soy it's not a great thrower, even if with the richt wicking you can have great results. And you may choose scents tested for soy.

For your question, how wick can affect ht, search on here.

Read a lot. It takes time and patience, you can't expect to have great results in few days.

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Hi there! I agree with Sabrina. Maybe try a new wick. CD's work great in soy. Eco's may be another option. Also, you may have done so in another thread, but let us know what fragrances you are using. Not all fragrances will work in that wax. Check for reviews on FO that works well in your wax. At least start with those fragrances first. You can experiment with ones that are unknown to work later. And stick to the 6-8% rule on how much fragrance to use. Too much can have a negative effect. Don't change waxes just yet. It will confuse you even more...palm and paraffin are completely different and no less difficult to learn. It will just start you all over again. Good luck and keep reading and asking questions. BTW-CD wicks are available at many suppliers. Check around. And make sure you get a variety of sizes. Soy will take the larger sizes. For a Jelly Jar I would get CD 10, 12 , and 14 at least.

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I replied in your other thread. The information you are giving is confusing. Are you blending the two waxes or are you using C3 for candles and Enchanted Lites for tarts? Or what? In the other hread, you said you were using Enchanted Lites for your candle and creme brulee and added "rose oil"...

I am confused, so if you want good feedback, please talk specifically about ONE issue at a time and tell us exactly what you did with THAT candle, etc.

I already mentioned wicking in your other thread, but I am waiting to hear about this mysterious rose oil... :confused:

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The rose oil is from BC. I am talking about c-3 for containers. I have tried the soy 3 wicks from WSP and I have 44-18-32c... I just tried the soy wicks because they got great reviews.. For the tarts I used 416 and loved it

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I am experimenting with two different kinds of wax which clearly is a bad idea. I am one of those people who thinks they know it all and doesn't learn from others mistakes until I make my own. I am going to master the c-3 before I try the enchanted lites again. This way it wont confuse all of you and me.

Today, c-3 + 1tbl usa, heated to 180, 1oz honeysuckle at 160, poured at 130. Two kinds of wicks the cottons I have been using 44-18-32 and the soy 3.

I am going to try the wicks that have been suggested, the cdn's, lx's, and htp's with my jelly jar and c-3 + USA blend...

I will pay closer attention and take the suggestions of experienced candle makers...

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I may be dense, but I would suggest you to go with supplier's suggestions for the first time.

Just pretend you never poured a candle in these days.

Start with one wax, you chose C3 that's fine, CW says to melt it at 185F to let FO dissolve completely.

Let USA apart.

Pick a wick, considering supplier's suggestion, diameter and amount of FO. Never go above 1 oz pp.

Take a brand new bloc notes, write down everyting: date, temp, what wick and what fo, how much of it.

Make your candle.

Test it.

If you don't like it write down what you don't like and work with one variable at a time.

Take it slow, and pay attention to what you do and what happens.

Relax, and take it with calm.

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