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A load of soaps (pix heavy)


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Learned something today with my graphics program, so got to combine the wet look with the dry finish on most of the soaps. In all cases where there is a background, that's the wet version of the soap. Insets are the cuts or gelled logs awaiting cut.


(made w/ pops -- lemon, grape and raspberry) This is the wet state and I am hoping for fading.


(made with ultramarine blue and breath of spring micas). Scented Hidden Mountain Temple. Really like the fragrance, which has frankincense, amber, sandalwood and vetiver in it, plus other stuff.


(Cut pieces of lavender.)


(Logs of lilac with neon pink and grape pop)


(What we call lover boy. Don't view it as pink, but scarlett with a mind of its own ha ha.)






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(Wet Milk 'n Honey. The two browns are both bronze, but was interesting how different in color they actually were.)


(Native Princess, which gives plenty of time to work with. Note the background was to be a pink, Truly Red from OT and chameleon. Use of TD turned the log into an interesting array of colors. Still waiting to cut it.)


(Interesting thing about shreds is that they really don't displace a lot of the soap and there never seems to be enough, even when the log appears to be loaded.)


(What I call Queen Bee. Went with a bronze, the 24K gold and tried Umber I believe ... but don't think umber survived.)


(Sanguigno Orange & Patchouli. My all time favorite. Sure wish I could have kept the wet look, but not complaining. The orange is tangerine pop and the red was actually neon red. )






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Cut the Native Princess please. I just did mine today with Bronze Mica & Orange Passion Mica. They are pretty close in color wet. Wondering how close when read to cut.

Rowan's up tomorrow with CYb's Dusty Rose & Sweet Potato.

Unfortunately, I only have 1 silicone log mold. :cry2: The rest are slabs.

Time to purchase me some more silicone logs.

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Awesome!! Really lovin the lilac & lavender. You know what, I finally got around to trying the soap you sent. They both smell good but I love the Victorian Rhapsody...it is coming in the shower with me tonight. I had cut off a sliver of both to put at the kitchen sink to test out first....the lather on them is AWESOME!!!!!!

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MAN!! How many did you do in one day?!!

They are all fantastic!! Can't say I like one more than the other, just kept saying I like that one and that one and.........! I've never smelled any of those scents except lavender but they sound really nice.

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Thanks! Farmer Jill, you can show off your soap. No reason not too.

Carol, I've been soaping for about a month on and off, that's why there's so many. I only have capacity to pour about 9 logs a day, but I don't do that.

Lori, I've cut the princess. Color still looks same as the log inside. Eventually I'll get pictures of the cuts. Still trying to decide if I want to keep my "Frankly, My Dear ..." soap or not and the plastic-y kind of smell in the Feel the Love bar appears to be gone ... so is my sense of smell though.

Now, I really want to get better swirls in the log and thinking I'm pouring too fast and disrupting it all. Might serve to pour a little thicker too, even though I am discounting.

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