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Anyone familiar with Judy Havelka birthday candle?


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I haven't purchased this one but I have seen it in stores and the cold throw is really nice. I am searching for a good birthday cake candle. I think I tend to like things with an almond note to them too. I still have some sample packs that I am putting together but of the ones I have tried I haven't found one that I love yet.

Or do you have a birthday cake scent you love? Or maybe there is a cupcake one that would be good too?

I have tried TC,LS (this one seemed to have a little coconut in it) and Peak so far (however to be fair my peak sample was crystalized when I received it and I thought I warmed it up enough to dissolve but I was looking at the bottle last night and it's still crystalized a little so I may not have gotten a true idea on that one)

I have a sample coming from Millcreek.

In the next couple of days I plan on ordering samples from CS, NG and Elements.

From reading up on this board it seems like there area few recommended which I will try: AH/RE and KY.

So I guess what I am asking is anyone familiar with Judy Havelka's and/or what are your thought on some of what I mentioned? TIA!

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You guys really are determined to make me try every birthday cake fo aren't you?:laugh2:

I actually am trying a lot of new things so I think I'll be buying samples from most of these places so I'll just have to test them all out!

Carol good to know that you like MC since I should have that one any day now. I also want to try the frosted lime cupcake after reading so many good things about it. Thanks for the heads up about the OOB smell. I have a few that definitely are wonderful in wax and not OOB so I know not to judge it this way but it sometimes means I try those later rather than sooner. So now I know to try this one out soon!

Grama and rustic thanks for your input too. I'll add both of those on to my samples I try.

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