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Milk Baths smell "weird"


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I make a basic milk bath recipe with the non-fat powdered milk you get from the grocery store, baking soda, cornstarch, and FO.

Most of the ones I make sell fairly quickly; however, I have a few that have been sitting on the shelf for about three months. I decided to sniff them just to make sure the FO was still good and strong. Well...they almost remind me of powdered baby formula (that slightly yucky baby vomit smell) -- even the FO smell was "off", sorta a pungent odor.

My milk is well within the expiration date and my FO's are still good. I read that these should last approximately 12 months from the time you make them, so I'm a little confused as to why they smell weird. I package them in the plastic milk bottles from SKS as soon as I make a batch.

Any thoughts, ideas, comments??

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I just pulled them from our product line....I just don't have time for the added stress of a product that may or may not go rancid that quickly.

Lemon Sugar by far was the worst one that did it....it was AWFUL!

So, I guess a word to the wise is "sniff your milk baths before you ship" :)

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