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table top spin racks


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I was curious if any of you have used these to hang your clamshells on at craft shows?

Or what some of your opinions would be on using them.

I have never tried them, but I'm kinda wondering if they would look ok or not.

Please,..if you have a pic of clamshells on a spin rack,..I would like to see it.


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Here's a pic of mine at a craft show I did a while back. Click on the pic to for an enlargement.

I got my spinner stand at Gerschel Brothers store fixtures at www.gerschelbros.com

Its really a floor stand but in the pick I was using it as a table top spinner. I just left off one of the metal pole pieces to shorten it for the table.

You need to do a search for 'spinner rack' on their website. They have a couple different kinds.


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Here is mine. Sorry the picture is a bit blurry. I have a lot of scents so this works great for me. I am adding more pieces to it to hold the 10 oz. melts. It was full but I took the picture the morning of the last day of the show and this is what I had left.



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These come in sections and you can buy as many as you want. I have three right now until I can afford more. This one is set-up as a triangle, or can be set-up anyway you want. The hanging hooks cost me 55 cents each and I bought 100. I bought them at a store that resells used office furniture & fixtures. Each section cost me $28.00 each. but they were used. New is alot more.

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