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Shaving stick with FBB? Anyone tried this recipe?


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I found this recipe while doing a search of old posts:

Shaving Cream Stick

Per lb. of FBB add:

1 oz. cocoa butter

1 oz. melted palm kernel oil or flakes

0.5 oz. white kaolin clay

1 oz. castor oil

FO, colorant

There were no directions included so I'm guessing just melt the butters, and add with other ingredients to the FBB base and whip away?

Just wondering if anyone has tried it and could describe how it sets up. Is it like a lotion bar or stick that you can put in a push-up or twist up tube or even mold into a shape?

Thought I'd check before using up a pound of my FBB base. Thanks!

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Well, according to FBB instructions a minimum of 2 lbs is required to create enough volume within the beaters to whip it. I thought I'd start with 1lb in a smaller bowl and only use one beater so I didn't waste as much on an experiment.

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