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Help from J223 users

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I am currently working with J223 mixed with 10% soy to help level the tops...which works well. I am using CD wicks in the square masons. I am getting soot with a CD 10, but not a full melt pool after 3 burns. I originally started with a CD 12 and got a wicked throw, but was obviously too large. I had a deep melt pool. I love the wax and the HT, but I am not familiar with paraffin wax too much. Any suggestions on wicking to minimize the soot?

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I make a 50/50 parasoy blend using J223 and CB135 soy. For a 8 oz mason jar I use a 51z. In a 16 oz mason jar I use a 60z. I don't get any black soot buildup on the jars with this combo. But zincs are prone to mushrooming and need to be trimmed before each burn.

I've gone with as low as a 70/30% parasoy blend without the soot buildup. With 25% or less soy I start seeing black soot accumulate around the neck of the jar.

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