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Question about these tarts I just made..


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I just made some tarts to use in a tart burner a friend gave me for Christmas. My tarts are 1oz each. How long should a tart like that last? When do you throw the wax away? After 4 hours, 6, 8, 12 hours... a few days? Im not sure how long the tart is giving off fragrance because of candle nose.


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You throw it away when it doesn't smell any longer, which is different for every tart and depends on how long you burn it for. Can't help your candle nose except to say give yourself a break from pouring or burning for a few days.

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I'm not sure what kind of wax you use or what percentage of oil you use but I made some tarts last weekend (Wildberry Mousse from CS) using CB 135 (soy container wax) using about 8% fragrance load and when I first melted it, it made the whole upstairs (about 1200 Sq ft) smell great! It was very strong! It's been about 3 days that it's been in the warmer just in my bedroom and I could smell it still when I walked into the house this afternoon...of course not as strong as first but definitely noticeable!

I think it depends on how hot your warmer gets. If it gets really hot, it'll burn the FO off faster. I use a coffee cup warmer with a small glass bowl and it's perfect. And of course it depends on the FO itself. Some just aren't that strong or don't last very long. But I can usually get mine to last longer than 24 hours before replacing. Personally, I think they last way longer than YC tarts.

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