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? about silicone molds


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I found a gorgeous fleur de lis silicone mold and I've never ever used these. Says I can use wax or soap. Is there anykind of hocus pocus magic word to get those things out of the mold. She talked about me maybe doing some snipping on the mold....(not after I just spent $25 on one frickin' mold I'm not taking scissors to it. Are they easier than they look to get out?

Who is a good supplier for mica that can be used on candles? I'm seriously delving into uncharted territory for me.....but it's so much fun instead of the same old thing.

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I don't have that type of mold but I use silicone molds all the time with paraffin (votive/tart, pillar, and embed meltpoints) and have no trouble at all removing the wax. For larger pieces it has to be completely cool or darn near.

There may be a magic word for other materials tho...

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Sometimes they'll get easier to use after you use them a few times but as painful as it might be, sometimes you just have to snip them...

If you're using any kind of soy wax, that might be making it a little harder too. Do you have a picture of the mold?

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