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Lids available soon for DG/Libby Square Votive

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Last month I contacted The Jar Store and inquired about lids for these containers. I received the reply below from them. I also inquired about posting the information here and they asked me to keep it under wraps as they did not want a flood of phone calls. They are not taking orders at this time. Yesterday I received an email saying it’s now OK to post as long as everyone understands they WON’T BE AVAILABLE UNTIL SUMMER. The target date is the end of June at this time. I’ve attached the pictures they provided. I'll update when I have more information.

"Great question.....and finally we will have an answer. We have been making metal lids for our jars in China for 10 years but we have never made one for votives, tumblers or geometric squares. Now....we have decided to do this for the Libbey cubes as we have many customers who use this jar. The 5474 (7 oz) and the 5475 (14 oz) will have square metal lids sometime at the end of June 2010 if all goes as planned.

Just to wet your appetite I have attached photos of what they will look like as we are about to approve of the design and colors. These were sent to us by our factory in China."

It's the Dollar Tree container not Dollar General. Don't know how to edit the title.



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Maybe by the time the lids are available I'll have the wicking figured out for these jars. I have not found a combination I'm happy with. But then I'm still testing waxes (trying to find one I can pick up) so once I narrow that down I can concentrate on the wicking.

I'm currently testing C3 but I've got the dreaded BUBBLES... I tried Stella's method of tempering and coolin in a warm oven and the bubbles are smaller but they're still there.

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i always wanted to use the square votive libby but did not like the fact that there wasn't a lid for them. So glad to hear they will soon have some. Now, If i can remember to look for them this summer, lol.

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