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New Soaps CP and M&P


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This is a CP one called Sweet Freeisa (not sure if posted this one or not):


I go through phases where I CP non stop and then I go back to M&P and so on. Lately I've been in a melt and pour phase.

This is called Connect The Dots. It's one of my signature essential oil blends of ylang ylang, patchouli, sweet orange (I'm at work and can't remember the rest):


This is the same scent as Connect The Dots called Oh Canada as I was glued to the Olympics being that they took place in my province:


This is a Lavender soap I made for my aunt who is turning 100. My mom wanted something unique to send to her so I whipped it up pretty quick. It's wrapped in this photo that is why it looks a little strange:


Here is Leaf which is restock (it's Fresh mowed lawn by the sage but it smells way better then it sounds, it's very fresh and clean):


Banana Soap, I was on a banana kick in the summer and decided to make some more but tried a different pattern this time. This is when I took them out of the mold:


Here are the cut bars:


Happy soaping:)

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