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Wax question

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As per previous posts I used Yales(i think thats how you spell it) wax.

It works fine for pilars but burns like crap in container that are the same size as the pillars with the same wicks. So the question is what mechanics are involved that would make this cheap wax bur better as a pillar then as a container?

Question 2 what are the benefits of soy wax and is it better to just go that route for everything?

and 3. can you mix parafin and soy to come up with some sort of blend or is it better to just buy the blends premade?

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The wax you use for Pillars and containers are 2 different types of wax. They really aren't interchangeable. I'm new so I don't know if it's possible to add something to the wax so that you can use it for both types of candles. I would just stick to what the wax is designed for.

I've tried Soy & Paraffin and I personally like paraffin MUCH better. I think it's just a personal choice though. When I make candles w/the same FO in both Soy & Paraffin, the hot throw in the paraffin totally blows away the Soy.(I've tried several different FOs and this has been the case w/all of them). :( This is not say that you can't achieve a good scent throw in Soy, but in my experiences the paraffin is much stronger. That was the most important thing for me personally. One thing I like about about soy was that it didn't soot hardly at all in any of my candles. I have not been able to be soot-free w/paraffin. That is really annoying. I make candles for my personal use so I haven't tested many wicks, I'm sure there's one out there that would help eliminate my soot issue. I just don't even know where to begin!

There is a TON of useful information on this site, just start searching and I'm sure you'll find the site very helpful!

Sorry, this probably doesn't help that much, but hopefully it gets you started!

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QUOTE: 3. can you mix parafin and soy to come up with some sort of blend or is it better to just buy the blends premade?

You can mix the two waxes but you will need to decide on either pillar wax or container wax. I use the NG Wow Wax (paraffin-container wax) and love it. I do not have to add anything to the wax and the scent throw is awesome. Maybe try buying a couple slabs of different waxes to see which you prefer. I think the most important thing is your preference!

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I think I ma have stumbled on to something. Is it possible that the crappy yaley color chips which never compleatly disolve for me even at 190 could cause the wax to burn like trash. I just made a non colored pillar and it burns great. But the colored ones all tunnel is that possible?

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