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lotion bar intruigue...

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I personally like to add some soy wax in my lotion bars. I think those with straight beeswax as a hardener have too much drag - the soy gives it a better glide. There are some nice recipes in the recipe section to get you started.

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I've seen some interesting things about lotion bars. The recipes I've seen have beeswax in them.

Can anyone tell me if I can sub soy wax for the beeswax?

It depends. If you're lotion "bars" are in a push up and/or twist up tube, you can use soy. If you're molding them in a bar form, then no, soy wax is too soft. I make lotion sticks in twist ups. I've used soy and beeswax. I prefer the soy...nice glide however, I only use beeswax in my foot sticks. HTH

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I cut my Beeswax down too, it says 2 ounces I use 1.5 ounces and add Coconut oil for the rest of the .5 ounces it helps with the waxy feel.

I also add a few drops of glycerin too it helps with the glide.

Barbara AL

since glycerin is not oil soluble, how do you incorporate it and is it actually stable over time?

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