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Supplier called Scent-It


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Eh...I used them my first holiday season in business. I used Mulled Cider, Christmas Pear, Mrs. Claus's Cookies, Anise Cookies (which I renamed Pizzelles), Christmas Eve, Snow Storm, Roasted Chestnut, Cinnamon Bun, Oatmeal Cookies and Gingerbread.

Mulled Cider was ok, nothing special.

Christmas Pear was more spice than anything, and it didn't sell well.

Anise Cookies smelled good, but basically only members of my best friend's Italian-American family purchased it.

Mrs. Claus's Cookies was a good, basic sugar cookie scent. It sold pretty well with vanilla lovers.

Christmas Eve smelled kind of artificial, like Pinesol and sugar.

Snow Storm was weird...it claims to have spearmint, but all I smelled was medicine.

Roasted Chestnuts was vile. I couldn't give it away.

Cinnamon Bun was pretty good. It sold well.

Oatmeal Cookies smelled good but more like maple syrup than cookies.

Gingerbread was just a spicy scent, it didn't smell like gingerbread.

Hope that helps a little...there were a few in there that were passable but nothing I would go back for, and nothing that would make me want to try any of their other scents. Hope that helps!

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