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I was checking out some scents I carry and the prices were very good.

The ones you mentioned I missed but sure sound good. I am ready for some good unique spring, summer scents.Tangerine Dream( I bet this one is good) :)

A very long list of scents with them.:shocked2:


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I was curious about this supplier as well. I want to order their Mulled Cider but realize they do not sell 1 or 2 oz bottles unless you get the sampler pack (which I think is about 12 of the 1oz bottles). So can anyone recommend some other must have scents?


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Their blackberry pie is strong in soy wax,

mulled cider is very popular,

fresh linen is strong,

vanilla bean is horrible in soy,

birthday cake, frangelico steusel, gingerbread cookie all smell really good and are medium strength in my soy.

I use 1.25oz per lb on all their oils.

Their peach magnolia rasberry is a hot seller, but I didn't do good with this scent in my wax. I didn't like the scent either.

They had a peppermint christmas scent that I mixed with cinnamon and it was awesome! Still one of my favs. But i haven't seen it listed anymore. They may have changed the name........?

Of all the scents I have tried the fresh linen has been the strongest.

Blackberry pie and mulled cider are the most requested from my friends and family.

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