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444 and 416


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That's the SAME wax I just bought! Small world!

I had some questions about using that wax, but had a typo attack and kept posting that I was trying to make tarts with 415. I had a flurry of very nice people offering suggestions and tips leading me toward 416 as a better choice. You can imagine how happy I was to take a better look at the carton to discover that I did actually have the nicer wax they were suggesting I use, and how silly I felt for posting the wrong information.

I poured my first test containers with the 444 several days ago and am going to check them and determine which of the two suggested wicks give me the better melt pool and scent throw.

The tarts/melts from the 416 were a little frosty in the silicone molds I used, but melted very nicely and slowly. The scent throw was very good and filled an entire room when I used my little Rival Potpourri Crock. Hubby and son could even smell it and I had a fun time making try to find the "candle" in the kitchen, because they are used to experiments burning in some room and they like to try and decide what it smells like to them. Sometimes, they can't smell something that I or my sister immediately detect, so I've decided that men have a different sense of smell than women.

I also used a dozen metal tart molds and the wax doesn't just pop out of them like it does with silicone. Some explained that if I pop them in the freezer, they will release. Someone else suggested that I try a little bit of mold release next time, which I will also try. I'll post back with results. I figure that I've spent a very small amount of money on these, and if they just don't work for me, I"ll just list them on eBay and get my tiny investment back :)

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