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Oil Based Sugar Scrubs & Liability?


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For those of you who make oil based sugar scrubs (non emulsified) do you worry about liability from someone slipping in the tub or shower even though you put that warning on the label?

I personally prefer the moisturizing of the oil based scrubs but have been playing with the FBB and sugar but find it's a bit drying. But, on the other hand, no worry about slippery tubs & showers. Have not put either one of these out for sell yet...still trying to decide which way to go.

Any input/advise would be appreciated.



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Yes, I would worry.. even with liability insurance, you never want to get sued. And even with a warning label, you can.

There are plenty of emulsified body scrub recipes that dont use FBB.

A combination of oils and some emulsifying wax+steric makes a really nice, moisturizing scrub that doesnt leave the tub completely greasy. Its still a little slippery, as anything with oil will be, but not the horrible mess that the simply oil scrubs leave behind.

I actually think the oil ones leave me less moisturized. I hate the feeling of having oil all over my body, so I end up wiping it all off after the shower, basically getting it all over a towel.. and then you have to scrub out your whole shower. Blah, mess!! With an emulsification of stearic, ewax, and oils (and preservative) you can create a scrub that’s like a body butter to the skin, but rinses clean and doesn’t require you to power wash then tub, lol

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