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New batch C-3 with cracks

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I made two batches with c-3 today. I tested with different temps and one with CO and one without. Not that this has anything to do with it, but maybe, the one with the CO cracked. A perfect circle around the wick. The previous batch I made about five days ago is curing but I have a weird feeling its not going to smell when I burn it. The new batches, however, I feel good about. -Except for the cracking

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Thats the kind the I bought, LuAna from walmart. It was with all the other cooking oils. One of the new batches I made, the cold throw is AMAZING! I could smell it when I first walked down stairs!

Thanks for the info, arw1019! I have to go to WalMart after while anyway, so I'll be picking up some of that LuAna oil.

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I think it's a good idea to work with a wax for a while before trying additives, etc. If one doesn't know where their problems with a wax are coming from, it's hard to know what to do to correct. MANY folks use C3 straight out of the box and get lovely candles with great throw. I soup mine up a little with USA; other folks soup theirs up with CO... The main thing is to learn how the wax is gonna react for YOU before trying to fix it - heck, it might not be broken! ;) Pouring temps & cooling procedures have a lot to do with cracking such as you have described.

Next time, try cooling your candles on a cookie rack and cover the candles, rack & all, with a cardboard box. Obviously, how many candles you are making/cooling at once makes a difference in the size of the box needed!

If the candle cools more evenly (at the same rate), the tendency for the top to cave in or crack in a circle (the "C3 crack") is diminished.

Having said all that, I do not use CO in mine for the reasons you cited - it makes C3 slightly harder or more brittle or something (depending on the amount used) and enhances the tendency to crack in the dreaded "C3 crack" pattern. My side-by-side test results were the same as the OP described.

One of the new batches I made, the cold throw is AMAZING! I could smell it when I first walked down stairs!

Was this the same FO & amount used in both the "with" CO and "without" CO batches? CT is difficult to evaluate sometimes because of the dreaded candlenose... Will be interested to hear how the side-by-side testing with/without CO & with the exact same FOs/amts. & wicks goes... Good luck!! :D

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