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excel testers

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Hi, I got my exel wax from aztec yesterday made 3 candles, red white and blue (patriotic huh) The red had cooled to fast it appears I had a hole and both blue and red had some wax blob around the wick. I heat gunned lightly for the hole in the red one (not used to this jar and cooling yet) The wax blob ended up around the wick and I picked it out of both blue and red so, where did it come from:

1. maybe a little frost that hadn't shown itself yet? until I heat gunned it a little.

2. the wax in the dye chips?

3. the wick? I cooled them in my toaster oven it couldn't have been more than maybe 90-100 degrees.

Anyway I know it's too early to tell but, the color is good the ct is great, so far 22hrs no frost on the sides and no wet spots.

I am relly more wondering about the little wax blob around the wick. Oh and I used the reddi-glow chips.








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I told my wicker AKA husband a cd 18 and he accidently grabbed a cd 16 so cd 16 it is. My wicker is ready to burn :drool:and I had to tell him whoa boy 1 week:D Anyway I have had a really difficult time wicking the status jar with the 135, I've stuck with the jj 8oz, used a cd 8 in those. Used a cd 10 with the 135.


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The white stuff around the wick reminds me of the wax I have seen that comes from the wick. Happens when the wick is heated enough the wax treatment on the wick will start to melt and form a blob around the wick. Thats why I quit heating my jars with the wick in them.

Try heating the oven on its lowest setting then turning it off before you put your candles in to cool.

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Thanks, I love these chips. I have 2 other blue colors I want to try.

Candybee, Made 2 more last night everything is beautiful little frost on the top of the status jar though (cd18)This time. I took a rack set the jars wicked on top of it and I put it on my little radiator heater set real low just warm to the touch. No wax gunk and I cooled on the counter top. next I'm going to try pouring but not warming the container just room temp, I keep my candle room at about 70-75 degrees.

Should I lightly heat the top on the frosty one and see if it gets better?:confused:

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Sorry it has taken me so long to get back. Been toying with some palm wax.... anyways.

I've found that a CD 14 works well in the status. I actually ordered more CD 12 to try out with a few frragrances.

The HTP 83 and 104 perform about ats well as a CD 14.

Stil want to bombard this wax with coor but like i said other things are priority.

IVe not waited long before a test burn and have had excellent results with just about any fragrance ive tried. I have a few i made without wicks, the idea is to let mthem sit for a few months and see if any frosting or imperfections occur.

I blasted this wax when i first got it but this versus C3.. i think the scales are tipping in the excel's favor ( for me)

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oakbrook, I'm not sure about a cd 16 so I up the 2 new testers to (staus jar) cd 18 had a heck of a time with a cd 18 or cd20 in that jar with the 135 Which I currently use.

What kind of wax are you using? cd14? Thanks for the info.

Got some frost:( on the side of the blue one made friday night, reard it's ugly head this morning. Still hangin out with the rest I will be test burning this weekend I will post for anyone who might be interested.


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We are using the ecosoya xcel lol. Yes a CD 14 seems to be working as soon as more 12's get here im gonna try a few with that wick.

The 14 is to big for seveal that i have tested. The HTP 83 is working for most fragrances so far but im a stickler for CD wicks....

Definately interested in your testing results!

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Wow I'm in trouble almost thinking I need to give in to "the wicker" and burn, No better not. cd14 in a status jar? thanks for your input I'm going to take you up on that.

You havn't posted anything? Tell me what you think about the wax. Pics?? post em here. I love sharing:yay::yay:This brown one reacted with the FO I'm sure, one side looks reddish brown and the other side looks brownish beige. What would you call that color:laugh2::laugh2::laugh2:always a learning experience no more brownies for me.



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This brown one reacted with the FO I'm sure, one side looks reddish brown and the other side looks brownish beige. What would you call that color:laugh2::laugh2::laugh2:

Is that a reddish brownie with a side of frosting?

Please keep posting - this is really informative! Thanks

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What kind of dye are you using? I have found that liquid dyes ( maybe my brand) do not play nice with this wax. Sure they look fine for a day or 2 but them WHAM frosting and sidewall pull away.

Dye chips ( soy based) do not cause this. I am not heating glass nor washing it and having good results. Some masons pull away but ALL the status jars ( dollar tree shelf) are not washed nor heated pouing at about 160.

Occasionally a top is goofy but a zap withheat gun cures it and the tops look like glass.

Not gonna pour any more till the CD12's come in they should be here tommorow. I have 10's coming too.

I have some fil-tec ones to mess around with too but im not to keen on a non trimming wick.

Will try to get some pics up later. Still havent made it to get another camera yet. i will just use the phone to take em.

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This is off the subject of excel wax but If you are just looking for a pretty good camera, do a search on "waterproof camera". There are several makers of them now, ie Canon, Olympus, etc... Most of them can be droped from about 4+ feet and still work with no problem. You also dont have to worry about rain, the pool, freezing weather etc... They are tough cameras and range from about $100 - ~$400.

Jim Ruhsam

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Ok in a hurry so ill sum these pics up.... Yellow is vanilla, Brown Fudge browniw and orance mason is Pumpkin spice. ( all from Just scent 1 oz pp)

All poured into non heated non washed jars.(seeing what happens) yellow one and lighter red/brown one are week old. gonna light them later.

I make testers without wicks so i can change them out.

Brown and orange are 2 days old.

Red ones are apple pie from JS also.... 3 4 hour burns. Not a real strong scent compared to paraffin.

Have more oils coming from candle science with a high soy rating... and a few from early american they say work well in soy. Will let ya know!

Cinnamon ( one wick crack on top UNBURNED) was not heatgunned. The brown and orange one was.

I know its a jumble but at least soy has her pics now!

EDIT: Quick not im haveing NO frost anywhere on these ones.











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Oh My, those look good,:drool: what wick are you using in the status jar? What color chips, liquid etc and when you get those jars at The Dollar Store they don't come with lids. Would that make a difference in curing?Or what would you use for a lid do they make plastic clear lids for the round status jar? Howw is the HT?

Think you might be able to answer all those question without writing it down 1st:laugh2::laugh2:

Thank you for the pics


Oh you used the liquid? should have read previous post before I answered

Also I heat gunned the brown one in the pic just lightly and the top looks good, color still cafe aue latte though I used the coffee powder dye on that one, maybe I'll try a brown or sand chip reddi-glow.

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I used the 16 and 18 so we will get a wide variety of imput on this thread. I have the red Status jar w/16 and the 2 jj but I'm test them at different times for scent throw. I will test the status jar 1st and post the pics.:cool2:


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So i was burning the ones that had weak hot throw today when a friend walks in and says "holy crap that smells good"

I looked at him dumbfounded and sad what he said "the apples man that smells so good"

I blew them out and handed them and the other ones i have issues with hot throw.

Will have some results from his burns hopefully tommorow. I really just dont think im getting hot throw with several. Could be the oils or the candle nose monster.....

Testing status JS cinnamon now, i tossed a 16 in there just to see. Burning good so far steady flame nice mp.

That cinnamon is one of the best scents we have. Also anxiously awaiting the UPS man who has my CS scents woot woot!

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