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Having trouble coming up with pricing for some of my procucts! Any suggestiong would be great!

Bath Tea in large tea bag-

Muscle Rescue- my cost .33 ea.

Sinus Relief- my cost $1.80 ea.

Foot Scrub 5oz. in a blue jar-

my cost- $2.24 ea

Clear Conditioning Shampoo, 8oz.

my cost- $2.25 ea.

Goat's Milk & Honey Lotion, 8 oz.

my cost- $4.00 ea.

Bar Soap....half honey half oatmeal & natural goats milk all in 5oz. sizes

my cost- haven't figured those out yet!

Everything was ordered from WSP. Please help:)!!

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Here are some of my prices. They are from last year and I haven't changed anything yet until the economy picks up. Soap prices have been the same for the past 3 years.

Bath Tea $1.50 (Large bag/basic bath blend)

I make my own paper label packet to put them in. They looked like seed packets with the tea bag nested inside and sold individually.

Foot Scrub $8.00 (8 oz bottle)

Goats Milk Lotion $7.00 (8 oz bottle)

Bar of Soap $4.00 (4 oz in cigar band label)

Bar of Soap $5.00 (packaged in soap box)

If the cost you are showing is what it costs you to make your items then you can figure your prices based on that; approximately 3-4 times your cost. A lot may depend on pricing in your area, competition, quality, packaging, and the branding of your products.

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