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That... process smell


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Okay, so... here's my problem

I have a soap recipe that I LOVE. I know it, it feels good on the skin, works well, lathers, etc... all good.


I'd really like to be able to use just a paper wrapper as opposed cello/plastic/shrink wrap.

Bought paper wrappers, all set to go.


If I don't keep my soap in plastic, it gets this... SMELL that I can only describe as the smell of the soap before I put FO in it.

So... here's my recipe:

SAO: 20%

Castor: 10%

Coconut: 15%

PKO: 15%

Olive: 20%

Shea Butter: 5%

Lard: 15%

I'm thinking it might be the lard that's causing the problem? I usually go 1oz of FO per lb of oil, sometimes up to 1.5oz on a mellower scent. And I've had this problem doing this recipe both as HP and HPCP.


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Could it be your nose? I have some natural vitamin e that I use in scrubs. After making up and scenting the scrub - all I can smell is the vitamin e. Everyone else says they can't smell anything but the fo I used.


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