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Soy Wax from Enchanted Lites

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i tried it..when i first started making candles...i prefered 100% soy over the millinium...i felt i got a better HT..

but i at that time had more excess to GB 415..so that is what i went with...

i think you have to work your way thru any wax you decide to use...

there is good and bad in all of them..

testing, testing is the only way to find what you want...

i will give you this advice...

find you a jar that you want to use and do all your testing in that jar..

wicks..you just have to test with them..and find what works best for you..

have fun...:)

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I have been using Enchanted Lites Classic soy for a year now. I like it a lot, I use CD wicks with it.

Before that I used GB 415. To me they seem about the same. Soy is different than paraffin, and it has been nuts at times. Not all fragrances that work in my paraffin work in my soy.

Like Gran-Ones said you just gotta pick a jar and test, test, test!


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Like everyone else these days, I'm trying to buy my supplies locally to avoid the high shipping costs. I have been using KY125 for 3 years now and loved it but recently we moved to the North. Here they prefer a more primitive candle look so I figured if I'm going to change candle jars, then now would be the time to change waxes. I can pick up the Enchanted Lites Wax locally so that's why I'm looking for reviews.

I received my samples and have poured the Millennium wax and already started burning. I'm using the htp104s in a sample 8 oz jar they sent me. The burn is great but it doesn't seem to have the hot throw like my other wax. My other wax, I very rarely had to let the candles cure for more than a day or two before burning.

Has anyone tried both of the container waxes and do you find one has a better hot throw than the other.

Thanks for all your help,


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