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Looking for a good Log Cabin/Woodsy scent


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Thanks everyone...:smiley2:

those all sound like great places to start...I actually have Berts Redwood & Cedar, have never used it, will have a reminder sniff of it when I get home from work today. I just ordered from BCN...darn...tht does sound nice.

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However, I've heard great things about Southern Soapers' Adirondack. I ordered some to see what the fuss is about. I heard it was a great outdoorsy, woodsy scent.

it IS!!! Oh it IS!!!

great straight up or in blends.

I like Bert's too, but it's not even close. OMG.

ETA: SS had to have the Adirondack reformulated due to the latest IFRA restrictions. I have NOT tested the new formulation tho they tell me it's dead on. I'm sure hoping so. 'Taint cheap.

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