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Different types of Coconut Oil

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Since we don't have a Walmart here in Western Australia, I bought some coconut oil from a Chinese market and some from a health food store. I've been using the CO from the health food store but I noticed that CO would harden before the Chinese one. So I poured exact amounts in two of the same style containers and set them in the fridge together. Sure enough, the health food store brand still set a lot faster than the Chinese one. So does this mean the health food store CO has a lower melting point?

My poor brain is hurting! I don't know how switching to a higher melting point CO would affect my candles. My main, number one problem with my candles is that the tops look completely nasty after they burn. They look fabulous after the pour... the side and tops look great. But it's all down hill after the burn, and I'm not even adding color to them yet.

I'm grasping here!

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you could try Aussie Soap Supplies for CO they are in Perth I think or WA somewhere. There site seems to be down atm so I couldnt check. I am not sure if they have room temp CO but would be worth a call if you really want to use CO. I dont use CO cos the candles got big shrooms from it. I am still fairly new to candle making so I just do what works for me.


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Thanks Tribal! That is some very helpful information since I didn't know there was a soap supplier here in the area. I'll give them a call today.

And Chuck, I'm not sure how much luck I'll have but I'll give it a try :) Hopefully the soap supply will have what I need.

I'm still wondering how this will affect my candles. I know I need to test, test, test, but does anyone know if there is a rule of thumb on this, or if CO has an affect on how the candles look after they burn?

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Tammy, I went to the Aussie Soap Supply business this morning and it was wonderful! The couple that run it are so nice and helpful. Besides picking up some 76 CO, I also picked up one of their soap kits. Thanks for that great suggestion!

I do need to test some candles with the USA. Since I am using 464, I tried focusing on the CO for now but I should do some with just add'l USA too. I'll report back with the results.

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