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Looking for disposable tart molds like Scentsy


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I am wanting to make tarts that are approximately the same as the 2.4 oz 6 cube ones that Scentsy makes. You just pour the wax in it and it divides the wax into 6 cubes like an ice tray and then the package is disposable when they are finished with it. Anyone know where I might find something like that? :confused:

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Most suppliers are charge around $30 to $34 for 100

These a few that carry them




LuminousBoutique you have been spoiled in the co-op section.:laugh2:

nope... I dont buy through Co-ops... I do get them locally for .23c each though :) But I know I have seen them online for less than $30 for 100..


There they are for .26c each

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Thank you for all the great information. I have just been turned on to this forum and I just love and appreciate having all this great help and advice from all you pros. Have a great weekend. By the way who is KY and Impact? Thanks again. Elizabeth

Impact is the company that makes (most) tart clamshells, they sell in cases so its not a company you would typically order from unless we are doing a co-op or you are pouring THOUSANDS of clamshells :)

KY is Kentucky Candle and Wax Supply

this link will help you with Abbr. on here, we use alot of them!


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