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Questions About Country Lane Soy 125 Wax

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Hi all!:)

I have decided to try container candles; and found a 2 lb. bag of 100% natural soy wax for all size containers with the brand name CandleWiz on it from Hobby Lobby. I went to the website that is listed on the package to find out the MP and pouring temperatures. That site is http://www.clcs.com but I could not find the exact package I purchased or the information I was seeking.

The ISBN-like code has Soy 125 named on it so I went to the website listed on the bag of wax I purchased to find the Soy 125 wax for the needed information. This is what I see on the page that lists their Soy 125 wax: http://www.soapexpressions.com/Product.aspx?q=p62 . I do not see any information telling me the MP or pouring temperatures ... so I thought I would ask about it.

Do all waxes called Soy 125 use the same MP and pouring temperatures? Or is their a difference between different brands of Soy 125 wax? I ask because I found a page listing the MP and pouring temperatures on a different website - http://www.candlewic.com/store/Product.aspx?q=c18,p677&title=Soy-Wax-(Soy-125)-for-Container-Candles---Lower-Price - Candlewic that provided instructions for using a Soy 125 wax.

Does anyone know anything about the Country Lane Soy Waxes? Anyone ever use them? Also, can Vybar 103 or stearic acid be used in a Soy 125 wax to make pillars or votives?

Thank you for reading!

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