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SGS Wild Fig or Wild Fig and Cassis?


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I was looking over Southern Garden Scents at trying some new scents.

I was noticing that there is WIld Fig and Cassis and another named WIld Fig that has a cassis backround.

Does anyone know which is better in a candle application? ( I use 6006) .

Or which is closer to Joe Malone's type?

Thank you so much!!

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I used the Wild Fig and Cassis before for my M&P soaps and ended up just using the bottle up and not ordering more. This was a fragrance originally from Old Mill that went to SGS. I love many of the OM oils but this one just didn't work for me-- nor did my customers touch it. I haven't tried the other so I don't know how it compares.

For my fig scent I prefer CS Mediterranean Fig in soap and candles. I'm happy with that and customers love this too.

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Unfortunately, I didn't get to test last night but I had already burned the Fig & Cassis and I rated it a 10, which means using igi 4627 with fo at 10%, 2" tin with eco 1 wick scented my 20x30 basement very, very well.

That being said, because of the burning, the wick smell is throwing off my cold throw, but as I said previously the smell was nice but not quite as nice as the fig/cassis from WSP (in my memory).

I also had the Fig and the Pomegranite Fig. Of these two, it is the Pom Fig that mimics the Jo Malone Fig Cassis, not the wild fig.



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