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candlemaking book

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You don't need a book to start out. What you need is a vendor of quality supplies, which we can recommend based on where you live, and this:


Later, if you want, you can look here on the forum (or in books) for different crafty looks and projects you can try. There's also some stuff here:


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I have a few books as I love to read about the process and see pics of the various stages, tools, and candles you can make.

I have "The Everything Candlemaking Book" by M.J. Abadie which covers the basics, including the history of candlemaking, techniques, tools, waxes, etc. plus pics of various candle types.

Another book I have at "The Big Book of Candles" by Sue Heaser. This one has super pics of all different typse of candlemaking projects, with pics of the process and finished candles. I love this one because of the versatility it shows of all the different types of candles you can make.

I also have "Basic Candle Making" by Eric Ebeling. It also has step by step pics of different candle making processes and the finished candle.

Most of my candlemaking info I got from this forum but there are times when you just want a good book with great photos of the variety of finished candles and the process of making them. You just don't get all that from the forum.

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