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olive oil in mp


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I've been experimenting with olive oil in my soap. I read that a lot of you have experienced sliminess when putting in your soap. Is that something you are experiencing with the finish product or as you are using it in the shower.

My first batch the bar was oily, so I lowered the amount of OO. Now the bar feels great dry and while I tested it just washing my hands. I'm feeling optimistic and the shower testing, but just wondering about your results.

Thanks in advance

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I always use olive oil in my soapmaking because that's what my customers want. Plus it helps harden the bar and add emolliency. OO is also full of vitamins and nutrients. But too much will create a greasy finished bar.

I use up to 1 tsp per lb. You will have to experiment to see how much your base will hold.

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I have been experimenting and have many greasy oily ones sitting in a container with a recipe post-it with it. (hoping that maybe once I figure out the good formula, I can save those batches)

The ones I made Saturday are still sitting on my counter and still not greasy oily yet. All the other ones were greasy oily within 24 hours of being demolded. So I just threw that one in the shower to start testing.

Just wondering if i'm out of the clear for the greasy oily problem and now just mainly testing for feel, lather and length.

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I would use the greasy bars and remelt them down. Add some fresh base to them and that should do away with the grease prob.

I would add the same amount of base per soap weight. So if you are remelting 4 oz of soap add 4 oz base. Remelt them together and blend thoroughly then pour into your mold. If by chance they are still greasy just repeat.

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