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My B&B Creations =)

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The pics: try to take them on a white background, and in natural light... the flash distorts the color and makes the product look washed out. Some are very unfocused.. that doesnt project a really professional image. If people think "crappy photos" they might think "crappy product". Easiest free way I know of to do this is set your products up on a white sheet or tablecloth, facing the window in mid-day. Use white balance settings on your digicam to achieve the lighting you want, and steady the camera using a stationary object (if you dont have a tripod) that will solve the flash problem, the background problem, the unfocused problem, and give you way better results!

Check out this info from ETSY: http://www.etsy.com/storque/search/tags/photographing/page/1/ its a big help, actually. Think of it this way... when you are selling online, you are selling a photo, not a product. They cant see it, hold it in their hands... so what it looks like in the picture is everything.

The products: Where are the descriptions? ingredients?

The website: I like the simplicity of the site, but the main photo really doesnt have anything to do with what you are selling. Its like a florists website... but no flowers? Does that make sense?

I think you are off to a great start- just a few things that you could change to make a HUGE impact!! Pics are everything. Mine still arent perfect, but I've worked really hard on getting proper lighting so its very "true" in the picture. I would hate for someone to get one of my soaps and go "hey that was supposed to be pink!" lol.

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I like the overall look and feel of your site, however, lighter background, maybe group your votives/tarts together and not laying flat on a table or just one. Show off your product and the packaging you intend on using. Get rid of the "plastic" bag or whatever your tarts are lying on.

Clean up the crumbles around your products.

Look at white plates with greenery (a little bit) to make them look earthy like your website.

I found that taking pictures outside on a sunny day in the shade really brings out the colors more than artifical light. IMO

You can get some really awesome photos from istockphoto for your webtopper.

I like where you are going. Keep working at it and good luck!

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