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My candles!

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The opening page is beautiful. Very Nice. Your candle tarts to me,would look better on a plate? Five pics are blurry. And I would cut the wicks to 1/4 of a in. Your tarts in the container looks warped . One votive wick looks off centered. Your soaps would look (again) better on a plate or small basket.

The fact that you put it on the forum for comments, shows that you are serious about wanting it to look good. I wish that I would get off my tush and make a website for my products. Good Luck.

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I agree the homepage of your website looks gorgeous, well done.

One thing I am slightly concerned about is the tealights. Tealights are usually in a cup made either of foil or polycarbonate. Yours don't have either, how do you advise people to burn them? They liquefy when they are burnt and have to be contained or they make an awful mess.

Another few points, the votives ... on one of them the wick is waaay off centre which can be dangerous, a wick leaning on the glass holder could cause it to crack ;0) Also, as you know, wax shrinks as is cools leaving a deep depression in the top of candles, the votives would look soo much neater if you did a repour to level the tops. I always have to do a repour, sometimes 2, depending on shrinkage.

Last point, I hope i'm not sounding too critical here - i'm not meaning to offend - it looks like you have poured your snap packs too hot and warped the packaging slightly .... i've done that a few times LOL ... but I dump the pack in the bin and start again because it is impossible to get the hardened wax out of a warped mould.



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