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Anyone ever try this?


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I had a batch of gardenia that overheated and cracked on top (stupid me, I already use thick wood boxes and I wasnt using my head and wrapped a towel around it, forgetting that my gardenia really heats the soap up.)

So, being a perfectionist I couldnt deal with the top not looking nice and I rebatched it.

....problem is I really dont like the way my rebatch looks (I know you can get really nice rebatch, but I'm not the best at it), its just not my style and doesnt fit with the rest of my soaps.

So I'm thinking I'm going to cut it into chunks, toss it into the bottom of my mold, and pour an unscented batch of soap over the top, for a kind of "embedded" look. I've never done it before though. Anyone ever done this? advice?

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Absolutely, I do it all the time. It's a GREAT way to use up soap that is fine, but didn't turn out great looking.

Just make sure you put enough new soap in there to bind it all together. I once went a little wild putting way TOO many soap chunks in the mold and basically I didn't have enough liquid soap to bind it all together and the chunks kinda fell out. It DID leave the soap with these cool looking empty square holes though LOL But again, I got REALLY happy with the chunks, my mold was FULL of them to the brim.

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