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Cinnamon drives me nuts!!!!

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I have been making candles for about 3 years now. I have tested, tested, tested, and continue to test and will continue to test for rest of my candle life!

I have the hardest time with cinnamon fo and drowning out.

I use 464, double wick everything, use 16 oz. apothecary jars, and use 1.25 oz of fo per pound of wax.

I first started with home sweet home, moved to apple jack and peel, and am now working on red hot cinnamon.

With HSH i used two LX20's and had great success, then two years later they started drowning out. I got a new batch of wax, wicked up, wicked down, tried cds nothing worked so I gave up and started testing Apple Jack and Peel that didn't work, now I am working with red hot cinnamon. oh my god, i am so frustrated:confused: They usually do great for the first few test burns, but about 1/2 down it starts drowning out.

I am having a hard time with cinnamon for some reason. Any informations would be totally appreciated. I have read several post on drowning but nothing on cinnamon drowning.

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Are you letting the candle cure before test burning it? I use Red Hot Cinnamon in my parasoy blend and find it takes a week or two to cure. For the first few days you can't even smell the candle so I let them cure before using. The best scent throw I get is with a two week cure.

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WOW!!!!:shocked2: 2, HTP126? That is crazy, I don't think I have ever used anything over a htp105. Thanx for the advise. I am going to try using 1 oz fo pp of 464, and wick up to a htp126, I believe I have a sample set of htps. Thanks for the advise. Curing for 2 weeks effects the scent throw, not the burn right?

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