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How To Make A White Flower More Interesting


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I will be making a Magnolia/Gardenia flower for a special order and need some suggestions on how to make it look a little more special than just simply pouring white m&p into the mold and calling it a day. It's just the flower head..no leaves or stems. I thought of soap paints but do not especially like the look. I was thinking of adding some sparkle to the petal tips but do not know how to accomplish that. Would you brush mica powder on the tips with a paintbrush or would that just rub off? Not sure what to do but would like to make it look special.

Any ideas appreciated.



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How about some smallish leaf green chunks in the soap with a yellow chunk in the center. Or you could toss some colored shavings into the mold.

If you want just a little texture you can use dried parsley or basil leaves for green flecks. I've used dried basil before and it looks nice and keeps its green color.

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i brush my cupcake soaps with mica and it looks wonderful, and it sticks really well.

I have a very detailed flower mold, if i dont want a solid color on the tips of the petals, i pour a color into the mold, let it set for about a minute then pour the excess out let it dry spray with alcohol then fill with my main color.

you can even try "painting" with melted soap, melt a small amount color it, then dab it into your mold with a paintbrush, spray it with alcohol then pour your main color

another technique is to pour the colored in a thin layer and then "scratch" out with a tooth pick desired lines or "veins" in the petal, spray with alcohol then pour your main color

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