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Photos from Waxman Candles


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Hey everybody.

I'm new to the board and I am not a candlemaker, but I am interested in the art of candlemaking.

I am a photographer and I recently shot Waxman candles in

Chicago. I just wanted to share a couple and if you like what you see please feel free to visit my blog, camerainmyhand.com








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Wow, this is an awesome forum! Everybody here is really nice and it means alot to me to get the kind of response I have gotten from my photoessay. After shooting Waxman I have a new appreciation for the art of candle making and even have a little taste for trying my own hand at it sometime. Once I do I'll be sure to post up some photos. Thanks everybody and have a great weekend!

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I really appreciate all the kind words and interest everybody in the forum has taken towards my project.

@French Hill your comment about capturing the artistry really means alot. I do my best to always try and capture the elements of my subject. I had no idea how cool candlemaking was until I did this shoot and I have a new appreciation for the candles we burn in our house.

@candybee, what the heck is a FOHO?

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